Folk Alliance International 2018 Recap–Kansas City, MO

Our first time at FAI,
showcasing songs from the new album,
Small Town

Kansas City, MO from 16th floor, Sheraton

Wow—What an awesome 5 days (umm nights) of music–from the tried and true
famous folky to the college youngsters hoping to pick a tune or two
and everything in between–
We are grateful that so many of our Floyd Music School students are willing to meet us online for their weekly lessons, that we can literally “teach from anywhere”

Mike in the car teaching with Lessonface, Jen at hotel teaching on FaceTime

Some highlights of our time at Folk Alliance:

Showcasing with Night Drivers, Jon Weisberger and Gina Clowes with head Night Driver, Chris Jones in attendance


Impromptu jamming with folk legend autoharp player, Bryan Bowers and his band as well as grammy-award-winning producer, Bil Vorndick listening in
(this wonderful hotel lobby time was followed by dinner spent listening to musicians
telling stories about other musicians ;-0)



Showcasing with Danny Knicely was especially fun!


More Bil 🙂

We met so many wonderful people and musicians and so thoroughly enjoyed our time that we are already planning for Folk Alliance 2019 in Montreal

Walking the hotel halls to another showcase—
performing for a variety of people in several different places–
the fun of Folk Alliance–getting the music “out there” (in there)